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January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I got a Zipit Z2 🙂  In fact I got couple of them 🙂

I had one for quite some time but did not find enough time/motivation to do something with it.  But thanks to recent relatively stable  $9.99/$17.99 Zipit Z2 ebay source the  Z2 community got a lot of fresh blood so things started to move a bit faster. And since the price makes it now a kind of disposable device I bought few additonal ones and jumped in.

What is a Zipit Z2? It is a clamshell PXA-270 device (clockable to at least 416MHz) with keyboard, 320×240 LCD, 32MB SDRAM, 8MB flash, miniSD slot and Marvell Wi-fi. So basically it is a Ben Nanonote on wireless  stereoids but much cheaper! The device is very open for hacking, with recent linux kernel and u-boot bootloader available. There is also expansion connector with USB 1.1 client/host, I2C, audio in and out and PXA camera interface reconfigurable to 12 generic GPIOs. So while it may be a bit outdated ‘linux in your pocket’ device,  it may still be nice $20 Arduino-style replacement.

Few random links for the start: – official developer website – developer manual – rkdavis’s great blog with links to other blogs on right side – mozzwald’s blog geordy’s blog

So far I did some ‘u-boot improvement’ hacking and plan to do something with the expansion port as time permits.

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